It's not uncommon for people to go through life challenges, but often they are unaware of ways to improve their own emotional well being on a long term basis. They need peace. Peace to me is represented by a tree. A tree is deeply rooted and can grow few or an abundance of leaves. In the same way, if you can grow one positive aspect of your life, you can also grow many. To reach that state a tree (your growth) needs watering, care, light and time to adjust. As a registered nurse (RN) for over 7 years, I have committed to helping coach my clients with the same care in order achieve positive self fulfillment and mental well being. 

Mental wellness services and benefits:


• Self Assessment
• Understand your Past Struggles and Move Towards Solutions

• Build Self Awareness (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical)

• Learn How to Deal with Unhealthy Behavior Patterns; The Tool of Exploration
• Discover the “Silent Treatment” Technique  
• Learn Conscious Breathing Techniques

• Take Back Your Power!


What was the main takeaway (major lesson) from your coaching experience?

"The major lesson from our experience helped me focus more on the relationship I have with myself and how that reflects on everything else in my outside world."

Were there any accomplishments through this coaching experience?

"... the growth attained correlates with the lesson...made me want to explore more for myself... about myself... I've accomplished a 1. Deeper understanding of self, 2. knowledge/acknowledgement of my ancestors, 3. establishing connection to intuitive versus fear thoughts... learn to stop and assess my emotions and thoughts to understand..."

What is 1 or more physical manifestation(s) created because of the coaching experience provided?

"... (with a smile) My job with Dianna... (currently works with dance instructor, choreographer, & owner of Dollhouse Dancing Factory, Dianna Williams)."

Annetta G.,Age 25

Atlanta, Georgia