Filled with raw emotion and things to consider, Denell Porche is a woman on a mission that's inspired to shine a light in the darkness.  Her spoken word to conquer will enrich hearts and strengthen minds.


Denell's new workshop series, SOAR based on her book "I Choose to Sssoar", will lay fertile ground for cultivating foundations, planting seeds and experiencing growth.


The SSSOAR Project is an experience for your mind and spirit. We want you to come out to listen, laugh, and meet Ms. Porche as she stirs up the whispers of your heart.

Attendees are invited to create their own platform, their own space for their very own healing. This workshop is for women to identify for themselves who have they become in their life and does this identity best represents them. If not, why not? Most times we don’t know where to begin or how to begin in initiating this process where we feel safe. Knowing whatever questions asked, no harm or judgement will be presented to us. It is offering a space for women to be, letting down guards so each individual woman may arrive to some resolution to honor self, healing self with identified ways to support themselves. Every woman is uniquely different, by design. This is precious. The questions I propose; do you know yourself? Do you know why you show up in your life like you do? Let’s explore. Let’s discover. Let’s uncover. Let’s heal. Let’s identify what our support looks like. And let’s begin to use those tools, gaining the concept to who we, each woman, are again. Let’s celebrate together.