“Before you heal someone, ask him

if he's willing

to give up the things that make him sick.” Hippocrates

It's not uncommon for people to go through life challenges, but often they are unaware of ways to improve their own emotional well being on a long term basis. They need peace. Peace to me is represented by a tree. A tree is deeply rooted and can grow few or an abundance of leaves. In the same way, if you can grow one positive aspect of your life, you can also grow many. To reach that state a tree (your growth) needs watering, care, light and time to adjust. As a registered nurse (RN) for over 7 years, I have committed to helping coach my clients with the same care in order achieve positive self fulfillment and mental well being. 

Mental wellness services and benefits:


• Self Assessment
• Understand your Past Struggles and Move Towards Solutions

• Build Self Awareness (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical)

• Learn How to Deal with Unhealthy Behavior Patterns; The Tool of Exploration
• Discover the “Silent Treatment” Technique  
• Learn Conscious Breathing Techniques

• Take Back Your Power!​ & Gain What Matters!!!




What was the main takeaway (major lesson) from your coaching experience?

"The major lesson from our experience helped me focus more on the relationship I have with myself and how that reflects on everything else in my outside world."

Were there any accomplishments through this coaching experience?

"... the growth attained correlates with the lesson...made me want to explore more for myself... about myself... I've accomplished a 1. Deeper understanding of self, 2. knowledge/acknowledgement of my ancestors, 3. establishing connection to intuitive versus fear thoughts... learn to stop and assess my emotions and thoughts to understand..."

What is 1 or more physical manifestation(s) created because of the coaching experience provided?

"... (with a smile) My job with Dianna... (currently works with dance instructor, choreographer, & owner of Dollhouse Dancing Factory, Dianna Williams)."- Annetta

Annetta G.,Age 25

Atlanta, Georgia


Andrea g.

Atlanta, georgia



LeighANA C.(Leigh), Age 30

Atlanta, Georgia

2018 to Present


What was the major takeaway (lesson) from your coaching sessions?

"Denell always reminds me that I have to put myself first. Transformation begins with internal healing and realization, and many positive things will follow once this is achieved. She emphasizes that it is important to focus on self and one's needs before I can assist others..." -Leigh

How did your sessions support you in Shifting (transforming) your life? (May list up to 3)

"Denell teaches the necessity of balance and alignment with self and the higher powers of the universe. She emphasizes the need to connect with self which in turn connects with the universe...She encourages the need to 'flow [with ease}' in situations because they will work themselves out; one must trust the process."


Did your sessions assist you in identifying what supports you in your life? 

"Denell always has a way to show me how to get back to myself. Many issues that I have result from neglected areas... she strategically, yet gently is able to pinpoint the areas I am not showing love and attention to, then guides me on how to initiate inner healing. Not only is Denell able to assist me in determining my support systems (including herself) she is also able to help me see what does not support my highest good."


How did your coaching program develop your own wellness program for you?

"My coaching sessions assist me in initiating and practicing a routine to maintain balance, clarity, peace, and tranquility with myself, my guides, and those around me..."

How are you different since the commitment to your coaching sessions

"My perception about life has changed. I value the importance of self care, clear communication and understanding, moments of solitude when needed, meditation and prayer, and crystal healing..."

What have been the main accomplishments in your life in honoring your commitments with the life coach?

"...I have enhanced my coping skills tremendously, as well as increased my knowledge and acted upon manifesting my deepest desires..." 


" I am a witness to Denell's coaching abilities. She has changed my life in so many positive ways. She is gentle and beautifully honest. Denell has her own way of leading her clients to a path of awareness by offering spiritual insight and guidance. Ms. Porche' has truly been a blessing in my life, and will continue to do so for everyone she graces her presence with."- Leigh

"The 3 C's"

Ashley S.(Ash), Age 43

Greensboro, NC

2017 - present

"In 2016 I quit my high paying high stress job, then about a month later a blood clot in my leg stopped me in my tracks. I struggled for months in deep depression encased in fear and sadness. I was suffering not only mental paralysis caused by a major health incident and career related fatigue but the crippling effects of childhood trauma that still lingered its ugliness to beat me down even more. 


Then, the Universe sent me a guide, a helper or better yet an angel in Denell to help me on this journey of healing and inner peace. She has taught me how to identify my feelings and feel them. I literally carry a feelings chart with me to identify how I feel throughout the day! Her patient spirit and practical exercises have allowed me to work on myself at my own pace reminding me during every session '...this work is not easy but there is no due date, be kind to yourself.'…Denell helping me work through my limiting thoughts… I am less critical of myself and this has reflected in my relationships with others and my own level of serenity…" - Ash