Denell Porche Bio

Denell Porche is an Atlanta-based artist, author and mental wellness coach. At age 5, she began singing. Despite facing childhood sexual abuse, image and weight issues, Denell continued her love for singing in the church choir in her hometown Cincinnati, OH. She also began tap, jazz and ballet dance for Nellie Lou Downey School of Dance. While sitting next to her grandmother during weekly church services, she routinely began writing her own commentary in the empty pages of the Bible. She began questioning how it all applied to herself. Still feeling though she couldn’t speak her true feelings, Denell continued to journal as an escape from challenges of mental and emotional abuse. 

Influenced by the vocal originality of Whitney Houston, EnVogue, Billie Holiday, and Mahalia Jackson, she also knew deep inside she was a performer. However, she chose not to pursue her passion in order to follow her father’s story, “artists don’t make money”. Denell began to study animal science, receiving her bachelor’s degree in Animal and Poultry Science from Tuskegee University. She became very motivated to pursue her education and tap into her secret passion while singing in the Golden Voices Concert Choir. Denell began one-on-one training from professionals in music, vocal and theatre performance. In 2007, Denell also received her Master’s of Education at Georgia State University and later her Associate Degree in Nursing.  

Denell eventually learned it’s time to tell her own story.

In 2014, Denell began writing and producing her own one woman show “A Journey Unsung”, including vocal, spoken word and original poetry. She has performed in Atlanta, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland and South Carolina.

In 2016, she published her first book, “I Choose to SSSOAR”, a self-help guide of poetry for others to explore their own liberation and self-exploration. Denell also created the SSSOAR Project, a performance series with empower-driven entertainment that encourages women to soar through their own life challenges. Denell also created women’s festivals such as, “The SSSOAR Celebration” and “Sip & Heal”. These interactive events led by Denell inspired honest discussions between women to gather, celebrate and support each other around key issues such as sexual abuse, self-image and emotional blocks.    


Denell continues to perform her poetry, music and host open mic discussions with youth, women and faith-based organizations. She is currently writing and producing new music and one woman shows. Her most recent show, “I’ll Feel As Though I Am Human”, is an invitation, using her original music and poetry designed to inspire the audience to connect with their own emotions. 

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