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About Denell Porche


Denell Porché is a performance poet, singer, author and mental wellness coach. Through her work in the community, one-on-one coaching, performances and written books, Denell uses the art of creative expression and advocates self awareness to open minds and touch hearts.


She was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio enjoying every moment when visiting her love ones on Warren in Greensboro, North Carolina during her summers and holidays. A lover of family, decided to follow her desire, moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 2006 in pursuit to becoming an artist. Unknown to how it would unfold and to what it would “look-like,” Denell committed to training herself in her schools of music, observing, practicing, and training her voice and performance. 

With the provided support along the way, The 2016 S.S.S.O.A.R. (I will Somehow in Someway with Some effort Overcome All Rifts) Project  and 2017 Project Light Performance Collective was born. With the use of the arts, in all its forms, Denell moves with passion that inspires women to feel, believe in themselves and begin to take control of their own power.  READ MORE

"I Choose to SSSOAR" by Denell Porché
available now on Amazon

Poems inspired for women, challenging them to go within to discover who they are, embracing their own beauty. This poetry book is for every woman to understand, "the most precious thing here on this earth is you." It is for women to begin honoring their own process to self-discovery and self-awareness, realizing the work to be done. Coming to an understanding the discovery and awareness sought is a continuous process in their own life's journey and each woman is accountable for the very present life they have.

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